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Ngo Van Sac


Ngo Van Sac, 32-year-old artist wins First Prize of Dogma Self-Portrait Award 2012. In this self-portrait he used fire to burn wood grains to paint different angles of the face.


He is interested in art works that are created from different materials, such as wood cut combined with newspaper, sand or acrylic. He likes strong renderings of figure, the effect of different surface textures and the strong contrast between black and white.


The inspiration for his work comes from what is happening around him, and is influenced by his own story too. Each component in his artwork has a story. Concrete figurative details and simple empty spaces refer to both real and unreal life as well as to dreams about myself. Each circumstance creates complex emotions - whether people are alone or sitting together, talking – and this is something he wants to show and share.






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Ngo Van Sac

First Prize Dogma Award 2012

2 burn on wood 1  burn on wood 3 burn on wood 4 burn on wood 5 burn on wood 7 Last Empire 105cm x 60 cm -media Burn wood Ngo Van Sac 6 Las Empire (2) media burn on wood - size 108cm x 60cm 12 Rest (4) media mix media on wood