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Art Explosion in Vietnam

As in China, art in Vietnam has undergone many changes since it threw off the shackles of socialist realism in the late 1980s. With fewer restrictions on creativity and growing exposure to international art trends, Vietnamese artists have become increasingly experimental in developing their own unique style while at the same time continuing to incorporate Vietnam's rich cultural heritage in their work.


Today the country's art scene is thriving with art works being exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.
WAF! aims to present a selected group of Vietnamese young talented contemporary artists and take a great interest in helping them to expand their careers in Vietnam and abroad.


Some impressions of four emerging visual artists:

Nguyen The Dung

Vu Huyen Thuong

Ngo Van Sac

NM Hung


More information about Vietnamse artists will follow soon.


House of Talents

WAF! initiates House of Talents in cooperation with Academies in the Netherlands with the objective to support exceptionally young talented artists in their evolution and artistic creation by:

  • Organizing a distinctive program of house performances in         the Netherlands
  • Establishing a network of friends around these emerging         talents who can support them
  • Stimulating the young talents to perform in an intimate         setting and give the opportunity to show their new             compositions




Vu Huyen Thuong
Nguyen Mahn Hung
Ngo Van Sac
Nguyen The Dung


for more information about artworks and biographies.

Hidden Tank

NM Hung


Vu Thuong