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Nguyen Manh Hung


Nguyen Manh Hung is a contemporary artist and experimental musician.


As an artist, Hung is known for bringing a fresh, original perspective to the visual arts in Vietnam, with an extensive body of work including paintings, sculptures, digital images, installations and performances. With a unique style as a Surrealist, his work often displays a fascination with vehicles and all things militaristic, juxtaposed with elements of daily life.  His art draws on the national and cultural history of Vietnam, as well as personal and contemporary life experiences.  

Hung studied at the Hanoi University of Fine Arts.  He has participated in many solo and group events, including several important exhibitions and concerts in both Vietnam and abroad.  He is also known as a curator at Nhasan Studio, a well-known contemporary art space in Hanoi, Vietnam.  




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Hidden Tank

NM Hung

Nguyen Manh Hung

1 NMHUNG 05 Repatriation (200x400) 2 Hidden Tank NMHUNG 04(100x200) private collection 3 NMHUNG (200x100) 4 NMHUNG (100x100) 5 NMHUNG Here comes the rain (100x100) 6 NMHUNG Portrait of Trash Collector (60x60) private collection 7 NM HUNG Unfinish 8 NMHUNG Protect Our Island 9 NMHUNG A Group of Su22 (100x100) 10 NMHUNG Su22 at dawn (100x100)