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The Oude Kerk celebrated in 1998 the completion of a long and extensive restoration with ‘Transparancy’, a visual art and music manifestation initiated by Vera Poelmann Wolfs.


The inspiration of this event was the architecture and the spaciousness of this oldest monument of Amsterdam. It’s wonderful incidences of natural light, and the moments of shifting daylight that artists find so inspiring.


Ten contemporary visual artists (see names below), the composer/conductor Huub Kerstens and essayist Jaap Huisman were invited to create new work inspired by this monument. Furthermore young talented musicians and vocalists were welcomed to give concerts.


As a managing director she founded the foundation and developed this idea in cooperation with Floor van Dusseldorp and a lot of other experts in the field of art. Three hundred artists: visual artists, composers and conductors, musicians, vocalists, a writer and a filmmaker participated in this project.
Opening of this event was done by the Mayor of Amsterdam            

Mr. S. Patijn and Director Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst in Gent Mr. J. Hoet and President of the Oude Kerk Mr. E. Groenewald.


During this opening a new 30 – minute music piece, inspired by the Oude Kerk and composed by the conductor Huub Kerstens, was performed by the Koor voor Nieuwe Muziek, the Nederlands Theaterkoor and the Ensemble Nieuwe Muziek. (8 choirs (60 singers), 10 instrumental groups and 8 sound tracks)


Contemporary visual artists:


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Poster Transparantie

1 Luciano Fabro - Baccinelle-Iconografia 2 Marc Ruygrok SHE HE ME WE - 1 3 Marc Ruygrok SHE HE ME WE - 2 4 Marc Ruygrok SHE HE ME WE - 3 5 Marc Ruygrok SHE HE ME WE - 4 6 Niek Kemps - Blind Windows (Een hommage aan Cercle Polair van L.S.,1923) 7 Henk Visch - Annas Family 8 Job Koelewijn - Messages from Heaven 9 Adam Colton - Shift 010 Leo Copers-White Light Generator 11 Lili Dujourie - Mille et Une Nuits I en II 12 Mathilde ter Heijne - For the love of life 13 Dan Graham - Triangular Pavilion with circular inserts 14 Huub Kerstens - composer conductor 15 Music Composition set-up of musicians vocalists in the Church during opening ceremony Transparantie

Sander van der Torren

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Adam Colton

Leo Copers

Lili Dujourie

Luciano Fabro

Dan Graham

Mathilde ter Heijne   

Job Koelewijn

Niek Kemps

Marc Ruygrok

Henk Visch


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