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In 1991 -1993 Vera Poelmann Wolfs was production assistant of OOK founded by former ballerina Hans Snoek who also initiated Scapino Ballet, youth theater De Krakeling and Scapino Dance Academy.


OOK Foundation (Operatie Onmisbare Kunst) objective was to create more attention for contemporary Dutch figurative art! To promote figurative art this foundation organized exhibitions in cooperation with art institutions in the Netherlands.


Weya Art Zimbabwe and Ceramic Art South Africa


Several years Vera Poelmann Wolfs imported Weya Art of Zimbabwe and contemporary ceramics of South Africa’s leading artist Clementina van der Walt.

Weya is the name of a small communal area in Zimbabwe, 170 kilometer’s east of Harare.  The women of Weya have become known for their art, be it appliqué, painting, drawing, embroidery of fabric painting. The art express the traditions and present-day life.


Clementina van der Walt is one of the best contemporary ceramic artists in South Africa. Her aesthetic inspiration is drawn from the patterns, colours and textures in the urban African and rural landscapes. Her work is represented in several South African national collections and in exhibitions abroad like the Ceramic Art London Fair.





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