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Keep an Eye Pavilion ONTHEWALL


Sandberg Institute and Keep an Eye Foundation initiated a life painting visual art project ‘ Keep an Eye Pavilion ONTHEWALL’. This artwork was presented during the Art Pie (Kunstvlaai) Manifestation Amsterdam 2010.


Through this project the initiators want to bring to the attention the oldest almost forgotten form of mural art to the young talented contemporary visual artists.


Curator Gijs Frieling
This concept was developed in collaboration with Gijs Frieling. This well known visual artist is an authority in the field of mural art in the Netherlands. He has many awards including the Royal Prize for the Prix de Rome and was winner of the Cobra Art Prize 2009. At the last opportunity a large exhibition was organized in the Cobra Museum.


Selection young visual artists
Gijs Frieling selected for this painting project sixteen young emerging artists:


St. Joost Academie Den Bosch
Daan Roukens, Hinde Chaatour, Nadja van de Griendt, Nikkie Ootjers, Marieke Verlangen, Veerle Verstappen, Michelle Willemsen, Nicole Janssen
Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
Karine van Bezooijen, Fanny Kriek, Arnar Asgeirsson, Styrmir Gudmundsson
St. Joost Academie Breda
Sanne Luijben
HKU & Kon. Academie voor de Beeldende Kunst Den Haag
Ineke Ibrahim
Rijksacademie voor de Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam
Josje Peters
Eddy Aldo




Vimeo movie Keep An Eye Pavilion ONTHEWALL


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Poster OntheWall

1 Design onthewall 2 Building up onthewall 3 onthewall ready to paint for 16 visual artists?  4 Life painting onthewall 5 Life painting onthewall 6 Life painting onthewall 7 Onthewall 8 Fragment onthewall 9 Onthewall 10 Fragment onthewall.JPG 12 onthewall

On The Wall from Keep an Eye Foundation on Vimeo.