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Vera Poelmann Wolfs was commissioned by the Lumineus Amersfoort Foundation to develop the idea and subsequently write the plan for the theatre component of Lumineus Amersfoort 2009. Also she was involved in the concept formation of the general theme ‘Breaking Down Walls ’ of this Light Art and Multi media manifestation and was responsible for programming the theater performances displayed on this website.      
Furthermore she advised the curators Annelou Evelein and Patricia Deiters of this manifestation to select one presentation of the international multi media project ‘ONE CITY MINUTES’ for the exhibtion. The ONE CITY MINUTES is initiated by Jos Houweling, former director of the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. (www.onecityminutes.org)





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Poster Lumineus Amersfoort

1 Conny Janssen Danst Ruis 2 Conny Janssen Danst Ruis- de dansers 3 Kunstenhuis Pantalone - Dag Maan 4 Peergroupe - Ik hou van de stad..... Maar soms produceert het teveel licht 5 Peergroupe - ik hou van de stad... maar soms produceert het teveel licht 6 MTG Blont - Zo komt de naakte waarheid aan het licht 7 Musiscoop- Groot Licht Circus 8 MTG Steinboden-My own private suffering 9 Aleix de Gispeirt-Breaking Walls 10 Ellen Tackenkamp-Breaking Walls

Conny Jansen Danst - Ruis