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From May 1984 to November 1987 Vera Poelmann Wolfs was responsible for the management, public  relations and general organization of Taller Amsterdam.


This Multi Media Theater group ‘avant la lettre’ was founded by the visual artists and theater directors Hector Vilche and Armando Bergallo (Uruguay) and was based in the former Carriage House of the Mayor of Amsterdam (Keizersgracht 607).   
Taller was an international group of visual artists, composers, dancers, singers and designers who created multi media performances, opera’s, exhibitions and ‘tableaux vivants’.  
Taller Amsterdam was an inspiration for many theater companies in the Netherlands and abroad.


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Art Lab Taller Amsterdam

2 Art Lab Taller-Keizersgracht 607 - Amsterda 3 Art Lab Taller - Keizersgracht 607 4 The Night of the Third Day - foto Clemens Boon 5 The Night of the Third Day 6 The Night of the Third Day  7 Poster Night of the Third Day in France 8 Exhibition Taller Amsterdam in Paris France 9 Armando Bergallo - ginebra-huile-sur-toile-60-x-80-cm-1980 10 Armando Bergallo- La Seduction 11 Hector Vilche - Informal Logic - Private Collection (Netherlands) 12 Hector Vilche-Guardian of Secrets II - Peter Stuyvesant Collection (Netherlands) 13 Progress Passion-photo-clemens-boon 14 Taller Amsterdam - Progress Passion

- Former Mayor of Amsterdam

- Former Director Goethe Institute Amsterdam

- Former Art Director Royal Flemish Theater Brussels

- Former Minister of Culture France

Drs. Ed van Thijn   
Katthinka Dittrich  
Franz Marijnen      
Jack Lang