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Teatro Munganga Foundation

For two years Vera Poelmann Wolfs was financial director of Teatro Munganga, a theatre company, targeting the young children in the Netherlands and abroad.

In this period Munganga received a multi-annual grant from the Dutch Ministry of Culture and was financially supported by the VSB, Prins Bernhard Fund and Doen Foundation on several additional projects.

Number of performances per annum: 125. In conjunction with these performances art education projects were developed and programmed for primary - and secondary schools, community & refuge centers.
In addition a major art project took place ’15 Years Anniversary of Munganga’ which involved a 7-day’s presentation in theater De Krakeling Amsterdam.

Anniversary Program

  • Three performances: Mama Pia, Heldenhart, Passage
  • An exhibition ‘Tentoneelstelling’ (developed in partnership with curator Frans Fontaine of Tropen Museum Amsterdam);
  • School education projects for primary and high schools
  • Edition book ‘15 bevlogen jaren’ - author Bart Deuss (theater journalist Volkskrant)



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Mama Pia

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